Thursday, 10 September 2015

Sky high

The weather being up and down "like a whore's drawers" at the moment (it's nice and sunny this morning but the latest forecast for Saturday, when we will be spending seven hours sat in Hyde Park for Proms in the Park, is for intermittent showers. Groo...), our dreams as always turn to the thought of holidays (we wish).

Let's pander to those dreams, take a little mellow musical interlude - courtesy of Soft Tempo Lounge; of course - and join the Jet Set '70! We should be so lucky.

[Music: Early Autumn by Joe Harnell His Piano And Orchestra]


  1. It made me want to dig out my 'Fanny Cradock' and create my own jet set buffet.

    1. I've told you before about whopping your Fanny out! Jx


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