Sunday, 11 October 2015

Nouvelle musique

It has been a while. However, here's another of my (increasingly irregular) round-ups of some of the newer music that has caught my ear...

Before I start - courtesy of The Quietus, we hear that the saintly David Bowie has permitted the use of a new track of his called Blackstar as title music for a new TV series The Last Panthers. Intriguing, indeed:

And with that interlude, on with the show...

Hallowe'en is mere weeks away now, so how about we open our selection with some costume ideas from the mysterious Swedish duo I Am Karate and their atmospheric Elevate?

Speaking of ghosts, it would appear that someone has been picking up some tips out of the ether from the late, great Marc Bolan... Here's BØRNS and Electric Love. I want his jacket!

Sticking with "70s-grooves-updated", here's house fave band here at Dolores Delargo Towers The Young Professionals, and their version of Abba's S.O.S.:

From 70s sounds to something that more resembles the early 80s - here's the exotically-titled Story of the Running Wolf and Electric:

Oh my. What to say about the fantabulosa Violet Chachki (this year's winner of RuPaul's Drag Race)? Words fail me. Thanks once again to the lovely Henry at Barbarella's Galaxy for introducing me to Bettie. She needs a spank, apparently..

Since we (sob sob) didn't have our usual pilgrimage to Amsterdam this year, here to remind us what we missed is one of the weirder dance hits that's been entertaining the Dutch this year - Lil Kleine and Ronnie Flex, who are on Drank & Drugs. Apparently. So bad, it's addictive!

What's hard and sticky and sweet, and we can't get enough of it? Yes! It's our scrumptious houseboys Kazaky - and their delicious Milk Choc!

One of the "summer club hits" that passed me by until recently, here's the maestro DJ Bob Sinclar with the joyful vocals of Miss Dawn Tallman and Feel The Vibe:

And finally, no it's not "Jelly Time". It's DJ Jellyfish and the dance craze you are never going to get right this year - Boom Boom Jellyfish! [Featuring my favourite camp dance instructor, ever]:

As ever, enjoy! And let me know what you think...


  1. I am beyond late with my own selections - been trying to get at least two posts out there but as usual, time escapes me. Currently working from home today (I have a flu), I am at least trying to sneak in time for a long overdue visit to your always entertaining world...

    This excellent Abba cover by TYP would have made my selection - and you know how much I adore that number (and video) by the lovely Bettie. The same can not be said for the Dutch number - heard it a couple of times and it just gets on my nerves. Kazaky however are always fun! And I do like that Bob Sinclar track.

    As for the rest, they are all new to me. The Bowie clip sounds rather good, I must say. And "Electric Love" just might grow on me. "Elevate" didn't really grab me - maybe if it were a bit better produced and a little less pretentious...

    That Jellyfish thing did nothing for me. But my fave out of the ones I had not heard has to be "Electric" - a nice little number and a fun video!

    Thanks for brightening up my sick day :) Hugs, H

    1. As ever, you are more than welcome, my sweet...

      Thanks for your comments - and get well soon. I'm sure a bop to "Electric" will help matters :-)


  2. It's taken awhile to catch up with this but here's my thoughts

    'I Am Karate' - Elevate? = Nice I liked that

    'BØRNS' looks a bit like Marc sounds like a cove of a b side from the sweet or mud.

    The Young Professionals, always fab love this one

    Story of the Running Wolf, Is it me or does is his voice remenicent of Phil Oakey

    Bettie. She needs a spank - now thats more like it fab

    God the Dutch are cool love it

    Kazaky are as amazing

    Dawn Tallman is very jolly

    I want to boob boom like a jelly fish - great fun

    Thanks for another great selection keeping intouch with the modern world.

    1. "A satisfied customer! We should have him stuffed." Quoth Basil Fawlty.

      Glad you enjoyed them... Jx


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