Monday, 5 October 2015

Quel domage

Autumn or no Autumn, our Cobaea scandens is almost reaching the gutter at Dolores Delargo Towers

Here we go... Monday again. Time to face the grey autumnal gloom, and off to work we go.

At least I have "Polari at the Lit Fest" to look forward to this evening - and, on this Tacky Music Monday, today's birthday girl the cool-as-ice Mlle Marie Laforêt (again) with her jolly little ditty Ivan, Boris et Moi to cheer things along!

The male dancers (if you can actually make them out in this aged clip) - are (remarkably) "Mr Smooth" himself Sacha Distel, actor and director Jean Yanne and the legendary Serge Gainsbourg...


Have a good week, folks!

Marie Laforêt (born Maïténa Marie Brigitte Doumenach, 5th October 1939)


  1. I've never run across Cobaea before. It looks totally charming, sort of like a columbine. Is it a vine, or just a clambering bush?

    1. Oh, my clambering bush! It is actually a rather spectacular climber (an annual - here, at least - from seed planted in April/May), and each of those flowers is at least 2 inches across, starting greeny-yellow then turning a lovely purple. We originally supported it with string and mesh, but soon found it managed fine all by itself, clinging to the London brick without problem... It is a real "star plant", and one we'll be growing from seed again next year, of that I have no doubt! Jx

  2. Well, that was a little different to The Other Boys video from Saturday (that I've just watched), but quite delightful!
    As are the Cobaea - I must get some for next year.

    1. Glad you enjoyed both, sweetie!


      PS Since MJ seems to have hijacked your tinfoil competition, maybe I should take over her "Show Your Garden" feature? She's shown no sign of running it again this year...

    2. Ooh, do! I have reams of garden photos, as does Ms Scarlet, I believe...

    3. I will put the offer to the Canadian this weekend, and then - you never know... Jx


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