Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Chariot, fired

And so, farewell then to the award-winning writer and actor Colin Welland, creator of the all-time classic Chariots of Fire (for which he won the Oscar for "Best Original Screenplay" in 1981).

First coming to prominence as an actor in the 1960s TV police serial Z Cars, he won a "Best Supporting Actor" BAFTA for his role in Kes in 1971. He went on to carve a successful career in screenwriting - including numerous TV plays and series, and film scripts such as Yanks, Twice in a Lifetime and A Dry White Season.

By way of a small tribute, what else could I play but that rousing score by Vangelis for Mr Welland's finest screen achievement..?

Colin Welland (born Colin Williams, 4th July 1934 – 3rd November 2015)


  1. Also he was famously the man whose underpants Russell Harty would least like to be gagged by.

    Why the hell do I keep mentioning Russell Harty?

    1. Ewwww. Colin Welland's underpants. No! He was never the prettiest of chaps... Jx

  2. I never knew who he was until now. That anecdote has confused me for years.


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