Sunday, 1 November 2015

Had me low, had me down

The UK's November temperature record has been broken, with 22.4C (72.3F) being reached in mid Wales. The temperature was recorded in Trawsgoed, Ceredigion this afternoon.

Unfortunately, here in London, we have a bit of a cliché going on - an old fashioned "pea-souper".

An ideal excuse, methinks, to play a perfect piece of "Sunday music". Three times, no less!

First up, Miss Judy Garland's classic version of A Foggy Day (In London Town):

Here's Our Pet's take on it:

And, finally - a most unusual find - a version of the song by none other than David Bowie himself:

Compare and contrast...


  1. i noticed an ad for lorna left doing an homage to mother.
    is she popular over your way?


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