Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Música pop

Remarkably, it's not such a huge gap between posts showcasing the "newer" music that has caught my ear of late.

Significantly not featured is that godawful rubbish that passes for the new Bond theme (not that I would ever feature that whining tit Sam Smith), nor Adele's new one (just too dreary, dear - and every time she sings "Hello", the world responds "Is it me you're looking for?" Obviously), nor anything by the latest boy-craze Years & Years (they have the misfortune of always reminding me of Lana del Rey. That's. Not. Good.). In fact, nothing that is any serious danger of getting into what laughingly passes for "the charts" these days...

Getting the serious(ish) stuff out of the way, it is Remembrance Day tomorrow (Her Maj and her politicos having already laid the wreaths at the official ceremony last Sunday). Here, remembering in appropriate fashion an even earlier conflict than those traditionally marked on this day (the Boer Wars in South Africa), here's Kid Kasio and the remarkable Kodo Song:

I must admit, the news that Our Princess Kylie is releasing a Christmas album left a bit of sick in my mouth. The announcement that she was duetting with "the poor man's Christopher Biggins" James Corden sent shivers down my spine... However, from that album, their cover of Yazoo's fantabulosa Only You (actually it's more a cover of the cover by The Flying Pickets, if truth be told) is not too unbearable:

Lightening the mood somewhat, our very favourite funksters du jour Le Grind have come up with the goods again... With (remarkably) a dance-off in a workmen's club, and a sassy dressing-down from Miss Reyna to boot (let's face it, who would mess with her?!), here's Pillow Talk:

This left-field little dance number - despite its singularly odd video - gets right under one's skin after a while. It's Catz 'n' Dogz and Get It Right. Indeed:

Speaking of catchy - how about (possibly) the world's first funky-chicken-puppet-dance number? Courtesy of Format:B, here's Chunky:

Terrifyingly, it is thirty-five years since Girls on Film rocketed the Durannies to stardom - and they show no signs of stopping! From their new album Paper Gods, here are the boys themselves, Duran Duran, with Pressure Off (featuring the lovely Janelle Monáe and that ever-so-busy-man Nile Rodgers):

One of our constant favourite electro-pop-meisters Little Boots should work in my office. She, unlike many people I encounter in the daily grind, knows how to Get Things Done!

And, finally... this one falls rather into the "so bad, it's good" category of low camp. It's not only a cover of the most unintentionally hilarious Hi-NRG band of the 80s Modern Talking's You're My Heart, You're My Soul, but it also features a (ahem) full-figured singer in an inappropriate space-peplum, the most second-rate rapper since the heyday of 2-Unlimited, some very bored hipster-queens in boas and somebody's aunties pretending to be robots. Could Lian Ross and Big Daddi be more tacky-tastic?!

As always, enjoy - and let me know what you think!

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