Friday, 6 November 2015

Sophisticated mamas

Go, Granny!

A news story that (for once) cheered us up this miserable week:
Two lifelong friends who took a day trip to London to celebrate their upcoming 90th birthdays ended up 200 miles from home - when they got on the wrong train back.

Mollie Muetzel and friend Kathleen Lowndes had enjoyed afternoon tea at the Savoy Hotel when they mistakenly boarded the wrong rush hour train at King's Cross. Instead of heading for Knebworth, Herts, just a 30-minute journey away they got on a non-stop fast service to York.

Mollie, 89, said: "We went past four or five long carriages, all first-class, before eventually getting on. Two young chaps gave up their seats and then soon after the train had departed I heard mention of York.

Mollie and Kathleen
"The man came to us and said 'I'm awfully sorry but we can't stop as it's a fast train'!" The conductor did, however, keep the pair supplied with free teas and cake to make their northbound journey as comfortable as possible. When the Virgin East Coast train arrived at York a member of staff escorted them to a Stevenage-bound train and they finally go home by 10pm after their unexpected four-hour excursion.

The ladies, who have been friends for almost 80 years, said they often go on adventures together, but usually like to plan ahead.
And, as we hurtle ourselves towards the adventure we call "weekend" (complete with dressing-up party for our friend John-John's birthday), there is only one appropriate song to play, really - it's Ladies Night by Kool & The Gang... Thank Disco It's Friday!

Girls, y'all got one
A night that's special everywhere
From Knebworth to North Yorkshire
It's ladies' night, and girl the feeling's good

[Well, those should be the lyrics...]

Have a great one...

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