Saturday, 5 December 2015

A clatter of platters

It's stormy and bleak out there. Just as well I had a lie-in 'till 1.30pm today - I didn't miss anything, obviously!

Anyhoo, it's time once again for a little foray into some of the "newer music" that has caught my ear of late...

Let's open with the full version (and typically odd video) for the maestro David Bowie's new single Blackstar (for which I posted a teaser in my last musical round-up back in October). It's certainly a breath-takingly symphonic work, if hardly likely to go down as one of the great man's classic singles:

It reminds me somewhat of some of Mr Bowie's more extravagant early album tracks, such as Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud from 1969:

While we're on the subject of living legends, Siouxsie's back! Apparently this track was featured on the TV series Hannibal, which we've never seen - so here instead is a fan-made video for her chillingly gorgeous Love Crime with clips (appropriately enough) from Cocteau's Gothic masterpiece La Belle et la Bête:

Lightening the mood somewhat, the gossip columns have been a-buzz about the long-awaited new collaboration between sisters Kylie and Dannii Minogue. It's a fun enough song. Shame it's about bloody Xmas. It's 100 Degrees:

Our houseboys Kazaky - who seem to release a dozen tracks a year - have another new one out! This time (unfortunately) they appear to have kept most of their clothes on in the video. However, the clobber they have chosen leads me to imagine what might happen if the footmen of Downton Abbey decided to go to a gay disco. With heels on. That's no bad thing - it's Your Style!

Speaking of camp-a-plenty, you can't go far wrong with the new one from Take That. With a hilarious video featuring the lovely Mark Owen dressed in Huggy Bear's cast-offs and a Bad Disco scene straight out of a 70s/80s sitcom, here's Hey Boy:

Now, as any fule know, here at Dolores Delargo Towers we do like to keep a secret. Especially if it's a juicy one! And speaking of juicy, here's Italian hottie Alex Palmieri with a great one (secret, that is). OK, the song's a bit of a half-arsed sort-of mish-mash of Eurovision and Olly Murs, but oh! The video for Nicholas' Got A Secret is rather a joy...

A real pick-me-up next, courtesy of a new video (by Eats Everything) for an old(ish) choon by Tiga vs Audion. Starring "Welsh super-fans" Brenda and Gwyn, here's the faboo Dancing (Again):

Another prolific artist is the deadpan-yet-masterful Mr Martin Solveig. For this release he's joined by the rather fab Sam White (former backing singer for Florence & The Machine, apparently). It's +1:

And finally, the answer to all the Middle East's problems solved in one mega-camp video! It's (possibly the only rapper we can bear to listen to here at the Towers) the magnificent Cazwell (here with someone or some thing, called Naaldekoker) and The Biscuit:

As always, enjoy! Let me know what you think...


  1. I'm still listening to my Andy Kim records.

    1. Andy Kim? The world's first Lebanese-Canadian pop star... How very modern.Jx

  2. won't "the biscuit" get the maker a fatwa?

    1. I reckon Mr Cazwell's more scary to "them" than they are to him... Jx


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