Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Glittering Gladys

Knowing our perpetual fascination with uncovering new "wannabee-divas" from other cultures (and indeed, other times), I was overjoyed to read about another rather marvellous discovery, courtesy of Dangerous Minds...
It wasn’t an easy bit of searching to reveal the identity of this early ‘70s mystery artist... as searching for any musically-related “Bobby McGee” (or more properly, as I’d learn, “Bobbie McGee”), was bound to return thousands of Janis Joplin and Kris Kristofferson entries.

Eventually “Bobbie McGee” revealed herself as Lady Teresa Anna Von Arletowicz, who was also dubbed by the music press of the day as “Gladys Glitter” for her musical and sartorial similarities to Gary Glitter.

Her 1973 UK single Rock and Roll People brought her some degree of cult status which resulted in a few TV appearances, music press articles, and at least one vintage Swedish rock and roll trading card - but not much else. It seems that the UK music industry was only interested in elevating one Glam Rock queen to superstar status and it wasn’t in the cards for Gladys Glitter - Suzi Quatro was to be the anointed one. A shame, in fact, because you can’t really have enough ‘70s badass rocker chicks. Bobbie McGee released four more singles that went nowhere before completely disappearing from music history’s radar.

And, so, this being the traditional season for resurrecting all things "Glam Rock" (thanks, Slade; thanks, Wizzard!), let's gasp in admiration at that costume - and get rocking with the lady herself...

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  1. I had indeed forgotten the lady myself.

    1. I am not sure anyone remembers her, really... Jx


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