Thursday, 17 December 2015

I can't slow down

“We never mastered the niceties. We didn’t mean to be stroppy or awkward, we just had opinions and wanted our own way. If we’d been blokes that would have been perfectly acceptable."

Not one, but two favourite birthday blondes... Tonight we're off to raise a glass or twelve to celebrate our very own Sal's birthday in time-honoured fashion.

But it is to the effervescent Miss Sara Dallin to whom we turn for our soundtrack today. Here she is with her all-conquering supergroup Bananarama (and their safety gays) with Look On The Floor:

It's close to midnight
And I'm leavin' now
I'm getting in my car
I'm headin' out

And I can't slow down
Cos I don't know how

You got my number
So we'll be fine
So go and use it
Just don't waste my time

Cos you're on my mind
And you know I'm right

You take me over
Stay with me and
We'll fade away

Look on the floor
And all are spinnin' round
Someone told me this
was just a dance
And take a chance
And I'll give you more
Do you really think
We have a chance

Devil's in your eyes
And he's lookin' at me
I know what you want
And you know what I need

Come and show me how
How do you get down

[Yes. It is a tribute to another great "house favourite" here at Dolores Delargo Towers, Hypnotic Tango by My Mine...]

Sara Elizabeth Dallin (born 17th December 1961)

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