Sunday, 27 December 2015

Stylish, larger men

Just at the moment when one feels there is only so much meat, pudding, egg-nog, chocolate and cheese one can stuff into one's face, washed down with port - Japan has the ideal magazine by way of consolation...
"I prefer to think of our readers as stylish, larger men, not fat men.”

While it broaches the subject of overeating, Mr Babe is mercifully free of advice on weight loss. “We don’t shy away from health issues, but we’d never dream of telling people to lose weight” , [the magazine's editor] Mr Kurashina said. “It’s about enjoying life just as you are - but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid exercise or not keep an eye on what you eat.”

Kurashina believes Mr Babe is the first step towards redressing the balance in favour of men who are unfairly blamed for sagging around the middle as they approach middle age. “When was the last time you saw a big guy modelling clothes for high street retailers? It’s easy to come to the conclusion that we’re being discriminated against.

“The problem is that men in their 30s and 40s are busier at work than at other points in their career. They spend all day at work, they go drinking in the evening to relieve stress, and do the same again the next day. They don’t have time to go to the gym... it’s no wonder they put on weight.”
The final word comes courtesy of Oddity Central:
Mr. Babe may be unique, but it’s certainly not the weirdest magazine in Japan. That title probably goes to “Everyone Loves a Man Nipple: Photobook”, a magazine dedicated to men’s nipples of all shapes and sizes.


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