Monday, 21 December 2015

We'll frolic and play, the Eskimo way

Back to work again (albeit a short week, thanks to the Yule/Saturnalia weekend), and I am steadfastly un-festive.

However, we're combining two traditions today - continuing the big countdown, and playing some music eminently suitable for a Tacky Music Monday (and to celebrate the Solstice!).

So who better than the adorable Del Rubio Triplets to lift the gloom?

I don't know about Winter Wonderland - it's the warmest December since records began here in the UK. Ice rinks are melting, and the daffodils are already flowering...

Have a good week, folks.


  1. I am finally in the mood....though it doesn't feel like Christmas. It suppose to be in the high 60's low 70's. I don't know if I should be in Christmas swing or at a Hawaiian luau.

    1. You were always known as the "Hawaiian lay", dear. Jx

  2. Daffodils in December? Must be daft-odils.

    It is forecast to be mild here. I don't trust it this time of year though; a northwest gale and we're back in the jaws of winter.

    Best wishes to you, Jon, from a fellow holiday Oscar.

    1. Apparently, this is definitely not going to be a cold Xmas. I don't care. I can just stand and laugh in short sleeves while twats try to pretend they are in any way comfortable in their "amusing" festive jumpers... Grinch, moi?!!! Jx


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