Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Totty of the Day

With grateful thanks to the lovely Marc at Deep Dish blog, I think a little half-naked-totty-and-Kylie combo is just what we need to keep us sane as we continue to suffer the slings and arrows of this first week back in the office...

The gentleman whose clothing removal is so forcefully demanded by the Regal Persona is actually Joshua Sasse, who is Our Princess's real-life squeeze!

Who could blame her, hipster beard or no hipster beard?


  1. I've been humming and hahing about watching Galavant, and this has tipped the scales. Thank you, Jon!

    1. It is indeed promising, based upon this clip... Jx

  2. Kylie camp - never.
    The Princess of pop an adorable hunk and some dancing queens.
    What's not to love.
    I have no idea what the trailers for though


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