Wednesday, 2 March 2016

It’s all anyone knows

I could sit and watch this for hours
America's elections have entered their umpteenth day of tedious self-indulgence with some more pointless bullshit.

Today is Super Caucus Wednesday Bullshit Thing, yet another apparently vital stage in the incredibly long, complicated and weirdly sluggish race to the White House.

This new pointless mini-election will see the heavy, hat-wearing residents of some fictional-sounding US region go and vote for either Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or The Other Ones, which will then apparently have absolutely no effect on anything.

US political commentator Norman Steele said: “There’s everything still to play for, mainly because nothing has really happened despite this nonsense dragging on for months.

“Donald Trump is a mental, horrible jowly bastard and Hillary Clinton looks a bit stern, although you can’t blame her because her husband’s such a rascal. There’s another one called Ted who possibly used to play the character Des Clarke in Neighbours.

“That’s all I know and it’s all anyone knows, to be honest.”

The Daily Mash

Of course.


  1. i can't recognize who that is tied to trump's desk, marco or ted.

    1. Whoever it is, it's a shame they didn't get the jugular. Jx


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