Friday, 15 April 2016

Always the best in town

The weekend nears - and party-planning begins (for those of us who are not still clomping around in a "big boot", of course) - and it's time for another timeslip moment.

Our trusty ship The Liberator's computer Zen [a little nod there to tacky 1970s TV classic Blake's 7, the eponymous hero of which Gareth Thomas died on Thursday] has deposited us in the midst of the glittering, lamé-clad, strike-ridden, Silver-Jubilee-obsessed Britain of thirty-nine years ago...

In April 1977: the papers were full of coverage of HM The Queen's return from her official tour of the Antipodes and South Sea island nations; Abigail's Party (with Alison Steadman) made its stage debut at the Hampstead Theatre; the Yorkshire Ripper murders gripped the nation, and the Tenerife air disaster gripped the world; Punk, the Baader-Meinhof gang, the National Front and the Anti-Nazi League were at their height, while the Labour government under Jim Callaghan was at an all-time low; and British Aerospace was born. On our cinema screens were The Eagle Has Landed, Airport '77 and Demon Seed; while on telly were Citizen Smith, Jesus of Nazareth (starring Robert Powell) and The Muppet Show.

In our charts this week in '77: Abba were leading the pack, with David Soul, Showaddywaddy, David Bowie, Manhattan Transfer, Elvis, Boney M, Brotherhood of Man and Maxine Nightingale all holding on in there - as, just making its descent after a triumphant twelve week run in the Top Ten, was this one. Ironically on this, the stormiest, most rain-sodden day for weeks, here's the inappropriately-named Heatwave and Boogie Nights. Don't go out dressed like this, kiddie-winks!

Thank Disco It's Friday - and have a good one!

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