Sunday, 10 April 2016

Totty of the Day (high-brow variety)...

...a recent discovery, the very cute Mr Anthony Roth Costanzo, counter-tenor and (at times nude - no uncensored pics unfortunately; this being the best out there) star of the recent English National Opera production of Philip Glass's Akhnaten.

But it's not to his usual world of high opera we turn today. Here (thanks to our friend Al and my erstwhile other half Madam Arcati) the lovely Anthony camps it up brilliantly on a rather unexpected version of Gershwin's I Got Rhythm (with help from his chums Elliot Peterson and Danny Lindgren):


  1. My gal? That seems unlikely. That aside, utterly charming!

    1. “I bring a lot of who I am into every note I sing, so I can’t say that my sexuality is completely disconnected from my singing, since it is a part of who I am,” says Costanzo, who is gay. “At the same time, I never let it define my portrayal of a character or my choice of a role.”



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