Friday, 3 June 2016

It's heavenly, it's ecstasy

I like short working weeks - our extended break in Essex overlapped the (grim and cold - it's traditional!) Bank Holiday and I had Tuesday off as well - but a weekend is a weekend is a weekend.

Tonight, John-John and I are off to the Stoke Newington Literary Festival for an evening with the marvellously eccentric Andrew Logan (of "Alternative Miss World" fame - see here, here and here), in conversation with journalist and friend-of-the-gays Libby Purves and with "a cast of friends including Fenella Fielding [and quite possibly Dame Zandra Rhodes and Molly Parkin as well]! How could we not?

So, let's get the party started in our time-honoured fashion. Time to get those clothes you crocheted yourself back out of the closet - just as the marvellous Miss Melba Moore (with another hit from that "long hot summer of '76") has - and Thank Disco It's Friday!

This Is It, indeed!

Have a great weekend, dear reader...


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