Wednesday, 22 June 2016

News of the Gay (Pride edition)

In the continuing countdown to Pride in London on Saturday, post-Orlando, what a mixed bag of news the gay world is experiencing...

Admittedly, out of tragedy came one of the biggest ever demonstrations of international unity against homophobia - at least in the civilised world. The parts of it that are not dominated by religious bigotry or tyrant rulers, that is.

Even as the American Embassy in Jamaica flew a rainbow flag at half mast, their bigoted bastard attorney general Marlene Malahoo Forte called this humanitarian gesture "disrespectful" to that benighted island's continued anti-gay laws. Disgusting!

And speaking of disgusting, gay rights campaigners had to resort to wearing gigantic angel wings in order to hide the lunatic fascists of the Westboro Baptist "Church" - who were picketing the funerals of the murdered clubbers - from the mourners.

Russia's continued malign influence over its neighbours also continued, as puppet state Moldova proposed an anti-gay law similar to Putin's own - which has been met with vocal protests.

But closer to home, there's promising news in the last bit of the so-called United Kingdom not to have enacted gay equality legislation, as Northern Ireland's executive is being pressured to draw up a marriage equality bill. At last.

Barclays Bank - one of the main sponsors - has turned its logo into a rainbow flag and features Pride on its home page:

...and London is "going to town" in preparation for The Great Event. Even the traffic lights have "gone gay"!

It wasn't always such an universally recognised day, mind you, as I remember - and as Peter Tatchell recounts so eloquently in this video "potted history":

Roll on Saturday!

Gay Pride in London

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