Monday, 18 July 2016

Dance Ten, Looks Three?

As we mourn the fact that during this lovely weather - a heatwave is predicted in London this week - we will be sitting, bored and trapped behind our desks, under an inevitably broken-down air-con system, there is still cause to celebrate!

Fortuitously on this Tacky Music Monday, it happens to be the 60th birthday of one Audrey Landers ("Afton Cooper" in Dallas, and "Val" in A Chorus Line - big number: Dance: Ten; Looks: Three, appropriately). So what better to raise our spirits than not one, but two of the lady's joyous pop "hits"?

First up, she smiles through the suitably sunny Playa Blanca (and oh! That Frock)...

...and here, in the company of some very cheesy safety gays (one of whom looks suspiciously like a "resting" Village Person), she mimes - ahem! - brilliantly on Never Wanna Dance (When I'm Blue):

"Never wanna dance"? She certainly doesn't.

Have a great week folks - and grab what sunshine you can while you can!

Audrey Landers (born Audrey Hamburg, 18th July 1956)


  1. Yep that's Tacky music Monday sorted good and proper.

    1. There are very few tackier than she... Jx


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