Friday, 29 July 2016

Tijd voor een feestje

We are in a very celebratory mood here at Dolores Delargo Towers:
  • It is the weekend, and, as always that is cause for joy in itself - especially since I will not be back in the benighted office for a fortnight!
  • My friend Paul has, as a birthday treat, obtained tickets for he and I to go to the much-vaunted David Bowie Prom at the Royal Albert Hall tonight!
  • It's my dear sister's 50th birthday party tomorrow in the swanky function room of a pub on Fleet Street in the City of London, and the "gathering of the clans" is afoot...
  • And we (Madam Arcati, Baby Steve and Houseboy Alex) are not only going to Amsterdam next weekend but (as, shamefully, none of us had realised before booking the dates) it is also Amsterdam Gay Pride (with all the on-and-off-canal mayhem that entails)!!!
By way of drawing at least a couple of bits of this together to mark an utterly splendid day, here's Holland's finest Queen of Disco herself, Miss Anita Meyer and Why Tell Me Why?:

Dank disco is het vrijdag!


  1. Happy Birthday to Hillary

    What did you think of the Bowie Prom? I've recorded it but only seen the last hour when I came in last night.

    Have a great time in Amsterdam next weekend x

    1. Cheers, sweetie - I shall pass your greetings to Hils!

      As for the Bowie Prom, funny you should mention it - I have posted amy review... Jx


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