Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Dutch courage

As my regular reader will know, we always love to bring back something a bit special whenever we go away - and this time, from our weekend away in Amsterdam [more of which later, no doubt] it's Dutch girl-band Maywood.

The moment I saw this quite hilarious clip, I was hooked. There they are, in some hideous barn somewhere, manfully struggling to sing and dance (well, hop, anyhow) to their hit Late at Night, while all about them the audience looks bored shitless - particularly the couple in the table near the stage - even when, for some bizarre reason Goofy walks across the stage right behind them! Oh, the sweet mysteries of variety television...

And from one tragic mess to another - why on earth didn't somebody shoot the wardrobe person who decided these dresses were a good look? Here's Pasadena...

It may not be a Tacky Music Monday, but...


  1. The was all good and entertaining, but how was the Dutch wiener schnitzel?

  2. The 'frikandellen' where very nice !

    1. At least you got your mouth round some... Jx


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