Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A lovely Dick

It would have been the birthday today of Mr Dick Haymes.

Who? I hear the youngsters out there ask...

Mr Haymes was quite simply one of the most popular singers of the Big Band era and beyond - in his day he was a genuine rival to the likes of Bing and Frank. As this clip proves, he certainly had the looks and vocal tone of what would latterly become known as "a heartthrob":

Do You Love Me?

Unfortunately, plagued by drink problems (and seemingly, a wandering eye - he married six times, once to Rita Hayworth), his career was never a straightforward success story, and, despite several attempts at "comebacks" in Europe and America, he died a largely forgotten man.

Such a shame.

But he and Betty Grable made a good go of it when they got together again on 1970s variety TV:

The More I See You

Richard Benjamin "Dick" Haymes (13th September 1918 – 28th March 1980)


  1. Thank you for that I like a bit of 'Dick' now and then.

    1. He has such a nice one! Voice, that is... Jx


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