Monday, 10 October 2016

Give me the moonlight

Monday again. Sigh.

Never mind, eh?

On this Tacky Music Monday, we have another preposterous wannabee-diva (newly discovered here at Dolores Delargo Towers), Miss Asha Puthli, to cheer us up - clad in an outfit created by the uber-camp Larry LeGaspi [read my recent blog about him], and (hilariously) pouting her way around a set that appears to consist entirely of papier mâché figures, on that most bizarre of Italian TV "spectaculars" Stryx - with Mister Moonlight:

Can it get any weirder..?

Have a good week, folks!


  1. Who ever knew that Janine Duvitski ever made a pop video !

    1. "Have you ever tried pilchard curry? That's a very economical dish. You just get one of those big tins of pilchards in tomato sauce and mix it with onions and curry powder and it's really tasty. But Tony doesn't like it, do you, Tone?”

      She was moonlighting from Abigail's Party, obviously. Jx


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