Sunday, 23 October 2016

The original party animal

It would have been the 85th birthday today of the simply wonderful Diana Dors...

Always a gal that knew how to be the "life and soul of the party", here she is proving that fact - with the Hokey Pokey Polka!

We still miss her.

Diana Dors (born Diana Mary Fluck, 23rd October 1931 – 4th May 1984)

More Diana here, here, and here - and over at my other half Madam Arcati's own blog here.


  1. Diana was quite a gal, according to that bio on her, titled: "Hurricane in Mink". Seems she started out as anti-gay, but soon had a coterie of her own, with all those legendary parties and two-way mirrors. We like her in PASSPORT TO SHAME and THE UNHOLY WIFE, and of course she always gave good interview. She aged naturally, playing those blowsy mothers in those CONFESSIONS OF and ADVENTURES OF dreck movies of the early 70s. and Rock Hudson stole one of her boyfriends when she was filming in Italy in 1957, as was Rock.

    1. "Hurricane in Mink" is a magnificent epithet! She was always the campest of our "Blonde Bombshells" and, like her nearest rival Jayne Mansfield, was never afraid to take the piss out of herself... Jx

      PS Interesting trivia - the boyfriend who fucked Rock Hudson was Tommy "Muscles" Yeardye, who went on to become Vidal Sassoon's business partner; his daughter Tamara Mellon was co-founder of Jimmy Choo.

  2. Simply wonderful indeed.
    and thanks for the mention


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