Monday, 7 November 2016

It might have been in County Down

It's happened again! No sooner do I think I've "closed-off" another Tacky Music Monday, but another Scopitone fave goes and pops her clogs...

Not before she went Around the World, of course:

Around the world I've searched for you;
I travelled on when hope was gone
To keep a rendezvous.
I knew somewhere, sometime, somehow,
You'd look at me and I would see
The smile you're smiling now.

It might have been in County Down,
Or in New York, or gay Paree,
Or even London town.
No more will I go all around the world
For I have found my world in you.

RIP, the lovely Kay Starr (born Katherine Laverne Starks, born 21st July 1922, departed for Fabulon 3rd November 2016)


  1. (sigh)
    She was one of my favorites.
    Her version of "Crazy" gave Patsy a run for her money.

    1. Both were lesbian icons, too... Jx


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