Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sex shop causes a furore...

...but a most unexpected one:
When a sex shop opened its doors in the middle of a quaint cathedral city, one might have thought that residents would be the first to complain.

But after the owner of Erotica-Belle in Salisbury was ordered to cover up his windows, he received some surprise support.

Locals rallied around Jonathan Spencer, claiming that the store’s display, which often features seductive outfits and erotic toys, was one of the best in town.

...Typical displays at Mr Spencer’s store, which also boasts a “discreet rear entrance” at the back, are understood to have included suggestive posters and phrases, as well as erotic toys and lingerie.

One display was based on a seaside theme, with “Ahoy sexy” and “Hello sailor” stickers in the window.

Speaking after the order was made, Mr Spencer said: “My shops operate within the law. We seem to be demonised by the council and looked down upon like we are some illegitimate business. They are restricting my human right to earn an honest living.”

He has now been backed by residents who said the displays had “cheered up a very dreary end of Fisherton Street”.

One resident praised Erotica-Belle online and said the shop had been “producing lovely seasonal window displays for the past three years”. [Another said] “I would go as far as saying the best dressed shop in the town. They have always been really good at being tastefully provocative.

“I want to complain about the complainants trying to bring everyone down into their grey view of the world and stop this bloke making a living.”
The people of Salisbury have a delectation for sexy knickers and erotic stimulators, it would seem.


  1. The sex shops in my part of the world could take a lesson from Mr. Spencer's creative window dressing.

    Here, you see a grotesque inflatable sex doll with gaping mouth and cheaply made knickers.

    1. "A grotesque inflatable sex doll with gaping mouth and cheaply made knickers".

      Or "Melania", as we prefer to call her. Jx

  2. At first I thought this was going to be one of those stories from the Onion or somesuch, but I'm happy to see that it's actual real life.

    1. I'm sure Cromer's sex emporia have no such problems... Jx

  3. I love a discreet rear entrance on a store. I have also surmised, that if I ever loss my job, I bet I could do wonders and so very fun window displays with our sex shops here!!!!

    1. I imagine you could do wonders with the Twerking Butt Deluxe and some Secret Screaming Os... Jx


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