Sunday, 12 February 2017

Se recomienda el sol

Darlings, we're home...

Here's just a little videographic sample of the delights of our holiday in Spain:

It's cold and miserable, and horrible to be back.

Music: Poppy by The Heinz Kiessling Orchestra


  1. well, it's to *have* you back, whatever the weather. I'm glad you had a good time.

    1. Seven days of pure hedonism - bliss... Jx

  2. What a beautiful photo! If that was the view from your balcony, no wonder you didn't want to come back. I'm glad you did, as you seem to have brought some good (i.e less cold and wet) weather with you - we're set for double digit temperatures and sun this week!

    1. We had the most glorious weather - mid-20s all week (until Friday when it rained). But even then, the rain is warmer than here! Good to know that the daytime temperatures will be slightly warmer this week, even if it's still lower than night-time over there...

      No, we did not want to come back :-(



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