Friday, 17 February 2017

Spring affairs

We've had a rewarding - if knackering - day in the sunny gardens of Dolores Delargo Towers, clearing, cutting-back, pruning and planting-up (foxgloves mainly).

It may only be February (and who knows what joys the weather has yet to throw at us), but Spring is definitely in the air (if those cyclamen are anything to go by)...

Which reminds me - we may be on holiday still, but it's another weekend looming [and a bijou "Winter Blues Cure" party, courtesy of John-John, to look forward to tonight]. Who better to suit the mood but the late, dearly departed Miss Donna Summer and a most appropriate number indeed..?

Thank Disco It's Friday!

Have a good one, dear reader.


  1. we're like 60 degrees here in minnesota, just wild for february! surely it will get cold again, but this insanity is a welcome treat.

    i loved that song. i bought a life-size cardboard stand-up of ladonna from a coupon in this album. too bad i didn't keep it, huh?

    1. I love the idea of a cardboard cut-out Donna Summer standing silhouetted in a window to scare the neighbours!

      The UK too has some unseasonably mild conditions at the mo - I like to think we brought them back with us from Spain. There is a little way to go yet, however, before we can actually declare Spring to be upon us. Jx


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