Friday, 17 March 2017

Shillelaghs and Sledges

I think the nearest I get to any kind of Irish blood is that a maternal great-grandmother's maiden name was Shaw. I have, however, had Irish in me before, of course...

But I digress - and although I do love a party, I probably will do my best to avoid any of the apocalyptic "amateur drinkers"/Guinness promotions/people in stupid green hats that tend to accompany Paddy's Day weekend. I prefer my entertainment a bit classier than that.

Speaking of which, this week was a bit of a sad one for aficionados of Disco music - as we bade farewell to Miss Joni Sledge (of the eponymous Sisters), who died at the premature age of 60.

By way of a tribute, here is the lady herself way back in 1975 as guest vocalist with the Detroit Spinners - oh, how I love those outfits...

Ever since I met you
Seems I can't forget you
The thought of you keeps runnin' through
The back of my mind

Indeed. RIP Joni Sledge - and Thank Disco It's (St Patrick's Day) Friday!


  1. Another sad loss.
    Lets raise a glass for St. Patsy's day, much preferable than St. Guinness

    1. I like Guinness on occasions, but not this one... Jx


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