Sunday, 16 April 2017

A bunny, a panther and an elephant

What Easter is all about - chocolate!

April is doing what April does - immensely strong gusts of wind and a general air of grey drizzle overhung this Easter Sunday. Never mind, in the shelter of the greenhouse I got some more potting-out done, and spent it in the company of a variety of "easy listening" artists such as the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Barbara Cook and Nat King Cole.

And today would have been the birthday of one of the maestros of that beloved genre - Mr Henry Mancini!

So without further ado, let us continue this "Sunday Music" theme with the great man himself and just two of his most recognisable hits...

Enrico Nicola "Henry" Mancini (16th April 1924 – 14th June 1994)


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