Monday, 3 April 2017

Shaking the blues away, unhappy news away

We're back from our sojourn to Braintree, sweeties, and true to form we have returned with a whole host of goodies for the garden. Only a couple of days out of circulation, but what have we missed?

Hate dominated the headlines, from the dreadful gang beating of an asylum seeker in Croydon to today's murderous bomb attack in Russia; the "battle of Brexit" almost over-spilled into a call for war against Spain (thanks to some ill-judged comments from Michael Howard); and Trump began a battle of bad hairstyles sabre-rattling words with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, ahead of his summit with the premier of China. Business as usual, then.

We missed what would have been the 85th birthday of Debbie Reynolds, and the [gulp!] 70th of Robin Scott (who, under the nom-de-plume "M" sang Pop Muzik"), as well as (among others) the birthdays of Richard Chamberlain (83), Shirley Jones (83), Herb Alpert (82) and Penelope Keith (77).

But there is one birthday we just have to celebrate - for today is another Doris Day! On this Tacky Music Monday, let us pay due deference to the great lady on this milestone 95th birthday in appropriate fashion... She's Shaking The Blues Away!

Happy birthday, Doris Day (born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, 3rd April 1922)


  1. I had a four day weekend, so I was doing a very lively Ann Miller dance today. Hard to believe Day is 95!!!

    1. Miss Day (remarkably) outlived all of her contemporaries/"rivals", including Miss Miller ("she tapped her brains out!"), Miss Reynolds, Miss Charisse and Miss Hutton - and aren't we grateful for it? Jx


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