Wednesday, 31 May 2017

An indestructible Captain, a very friendly lion, the ring-a-ding-a-ling-a-list king, Zebedee and TC

The death of children's telly stalwart John Noakes has put me in rather a nostalgic mood.

All day I have been humming various themes from long-lost programmes of yore.

Including these [and I wonder whether anyone out there remembers any of them?]...

Arthur (The King of Camelot):

The Magic Roundabout:


The Herbs:

Top Cat:

Captain Scarlet:

Banana Splits:

Hector's House:

Happy memories.


  1. except for Batman and the Banana Splits, none of these entered my universe until now, but Captain Scarlet certainly was attractive. Nothing like a little humpy eye candy for pre-pubescent homos-to-be.

    1. You should see what happens when you pull the right string! Jx

  2. I remember all these - from reruns/repeats, obviously ;) - but the only ones I watched with any regularity were The Magic Roundabout, Batman, Top Cat, and (like Peenee) the hormone stirring Captain Scarlet!

    RIP John Noakes.

    1. I must be the only person standing to remember "The Herbs", "Hector's House" and "Arthur", then... Jx

  3. Love the Herbs! My two brothers showed us them along with TiswAS, Playschool, poor mum had to go through the seventies twice.

    Does anyone remember the bubblies? We had a VHS tape of them which we watched obsessively. No one else seems to remember it except the French

    1. "The Herbs" was a fabulous programme, and I loved it as a child in the early 70s - however, I think by the time "The Bubblies" was broadcast in the 1980s, I was way beyond thinking about kids' TV. My obsessions as a typical teenager veered more towards masturbation and music... Jx

  4. Lot of music in The Bubblies - nothing much to satisfy your other hobby.

  5. You forgot Hugh,Pugh, Barney McGrue, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub!
    Well, probably many more.Of course I'm quite elderly...


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