Friday, 12 May 2017

Hu ha, hu ha

It's been a long time coming, but... the weekend is in sight, peeps!

I will be knocking-off work early today in order to "weave some magic" over Dolores Delargo Towers in preparation for tomorrow's "Gay World Cup", the Eurovision Song Contest. We're expecting a house-full of bizarrely-clad friends and family. And booing and shouting. And exotic foodstuffs. And booze-a-plenty! Of course.

As is our wont, to get us through one final working day we require something glittery and boppy to get us in a suitable mood for a party - and here's something that fits the bill perfectly...

Evidently attempting to channel the "spirit of Boney M" back in 1979, here's the German entrant for that year's Eurovision - the utterly outlandish Dschinghis Khan!

Thank - erm - Disco(?) It's Friday!

I do hope at least one of our chums turns up tomorrow dressed like this.



  1. i had so wanted to like that show, but it was awful.

    1. Which show? Dschinghis Khan? Or Vicious, which was unwatchable..? Jx


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