Monday, 24 July 2017

Crooners, Turks and a swinging pirate

Today happens to be the 101st anniversary [I managed to completely miss his centenary!] of the birth of one Bob Eberly, Big Band crooner and dilettante performer of such romantic classics as Amapola, Green Eyes and Tangerine - mainly with the orchestras of the Dorsey Brothers, principally that of Jimmy Dorsey.

To ease our way out of bed and into work, here's his classic performance of the latter song (alongside the faboo Helen O'Connell):

However, while we're on the subject of Jimmy Dorsey, and it being a Tacky Music Monday and all...'s Jimmy and the boys incongruously dressed in cod-"Turkish" get-up [it's from an Abbot & Costello movie Lost In A Harem, apparently] playing a swing number about a pirate! Most odd.

If that doesn't wake you, nothing will!

Bob Eberly (24th July 1916 – 17th November 1981)

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