Friday, 7 July 2017

It's your life - whatcha gonna do?

It's Gay Xmas Eve, peeps!

As is my wont at this time of year, I think back to all the many, many years I have taken part in this, the biggest date in the gay (indeed our entire social) calendar. As my regular reader may know (not least from yesterday's photo caption), I first came to Gay Pride in London way back in 1985, then attended every year from 1991 to date.

A particularly memorable occasion was the Pride March and Festival twenty years ago. I and a gang of friends from Plymouth travelled up (and slept) in a van, parked up in Streatham, before we headed into the centre of town for the march - then, armed with booze and poppers, it was back South to Clapham Common for the (then traditional) party in the park - and what a party!

On stage that memorable day (the last free Pride party for many years) were Sharleen from Texas, Dannii Minogue, Adeva, Peter Andre, Olive, the Shamen, Boy George, Gina G, Heaven 17, Erasure, Holly Johnson and the Pet Shop Boys!

And this lady. Here's the utterly faboo Ultra Naté and her enduring "gay anthem" - Free:

When you're down and you're feeling bad
Everybody has left you sad
Feels like no one will pull you through
It's your life - whatcha gonna do?
Make that change, let's start today
Get outta bed, get on your way
Don't be scared your dream's right there
You want it (you want it), reach for it

'Cause you're free
To do what you want to do
You've got to live your life
Do what you want to do!

Thank Disco It's Gay Xmas Eve Friday!!


  1. I was there and it was the best ever. Then I stumbled on to Heaven, where I had not been since the 80s, where Ultra, Adeva and Rosie Gaines did it all over again, and I fell back in love with Heaven again - for a year or two more till Crash became my weekend home. We were liberally refreshed and intoxicated and yes the grade As and poppers worked a treat!

    1. It was certainly a memorable day - and something we are never likely to see again, more's the pity. Even now, however, Pride is still a fantastic day, no matter what! [And more of that later, no doubt.] Jx


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