Thursday, 17 August 2017

Thin ice

Once upon a time I could get my legs that high, too

Lordy. Olympic gold-medal-winning ice skater Robin Cousins is sixty years old today!

Why the interest, I hear you ask?

In my youthful heyday, many people thought I looked like Mr Cousins (no bad thing, I must admit) - even to the point where I signed a little girl's autograph book "Best Wishes, Robin Cousins"..!

Nowadays, I look more like Bea Arthur.

Hey ho - let's have a bit of ice skating madness to celebrate!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

While you were away...

And so, we're back, from outer space Amsterdam - and suffice to say, we had a marvellous time! From night-time sleaze-pits to daytime botanical gardens, from promenades along the grachten to schlager sing-a-longs, from FEBO to "happy hour" drinkies and back again...

But what did we miss while we were whooping it up, Netherlands-style?

We waved a sad goodbye to the marvellous Glen Campbell (who I blogged about, in a roundabout way, nine years ago), and also to the divine Miss Barbara Cook (who we saw in her one-woman show Mostly Sondheim way back in 2002):

In the news it was mainly "business as usual", with the continuing battle about the terms for Britain leaving the EU, and the to-be-expected "willy-waving" threats and counter-threats between North Korea and the US. Meanwhile, anarchic race-hate thuggery re-emerged in the USA (and Trump, as ever, couldn't bring himself to take sides); neither Usain Bolt nor Sir Mo Farah retired on a high in the World Athletics Championships; rumours abounded (well, in the Daily Star, anyway) about a possible engagement announcement for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; and controversy raged over Health Minister Jeremy Hunt's £44,000 toilet.

We missed the centenary of the cartoonist Dik Browne, creator of Hagar the Horrible, and what would have been the 65th of iconic photographer Herb Ritts...

...we missed the 70th birthday of glamour-pulp novelist Danielle Steel (and the 105th of her predecessor in the multi-million-selling romantic novel stakes, Georgette Heyer), and that of Steeleye Span singer Maddy Prior. And, of course, today is Our Glorious Leader Madonna's birthday - and we daren't forget that - so here's a classic of hers that still remains on the playlist at many a bar in the 'Dam [but probably not in Charlottesville, Virginia at the moment]:

Is it good to be back? No.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Mijn Mokums paradijs

By the time you read this, dear reader, we should already be in the most beautiful city of them all - and singing along with Johnny Jordaan, no doubt...

"Normal" service will resume next Tuesday...

Thursday, 10 August 2017

This is me

On this day in..
1678 – France and the Dutch Republic signed the first Treaty of Nijmegen, ending war between the two countries - and in celebration, Marc-Antoine Charpentier wrote his Te Deum, the prelude of which is better known as the Eurovision Song Contest theme:

1787 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart completed his chamber piece Eine kleine Nachtmusik:

1897 - Jack Haley, the "Tin Man" in The Wizard of Oz was born:

1923 - The birth of Rhonda Fleming:

1950 - The premiere of Sunset Boulevard starring William Holden and Gloria Swanson took place in New York:

1963 - I was born.

Oh, and...

1970 - Jim Morrison went on trial for “lewd & lascivious behaviour” in public by exposing his private parts and by simulating masturbation and oral copulation.

How appropriate.

As is this, dear reader!

Funny how a lonely day can make a person say:
What good is my life?
Funny how a breaking heart can make me start to say:
What good is my life?
Funny how I often seem, to think I'll never find a dream
In my life
Till I look around and see, this great big world is part of me
And my life

This is my life
Today, tomorrow, love will come and find me
But that's the way that I was born to be
This is me
This is me

This is my life
And I don't give a damn for lost emotions
I've such a lot of love I've got to give
Let me live
Let me live

Sometime when I feel afraid, I think of what a mess I've made
Of my life
Crying over my mistakes, forgetting all the breaks I've had
In my life
I was put on earth to be, a part of this great world is me
And my life
Guess I'll just add up the score, and count the things I'm grateful for
In my life

This is my life
Today, tomorrow, love will come and find me
But that's the way that I was born to be
This is me
This is me

This is my life
And I don't give a damn for lost emotions
I've such a lot of love I've got to give
Let me live
Let me live

This is my life
This is my life
This is my life

Roll on Amsterdam!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Niet in mijn oren prikke*

I know I only kicked off the countdown this morning, but here's something that's not merely in the true spirit of our favourite city, but also has the added benefit of a "totty of the day" as well!

It's doubtful many people would pay much attention to a song about pigeons - but with its singer Waldemar Torenstra, this is a sight for sore eyes...

I do hope we encounter something like that on our travels.

["Do not peck my ears" in Dutch. Apparently.]

You're the Top(per)!

The countdown to Amsterdam this weekend may have started somewhat late, dear reader - but who else would we ever choose to begin the party than... Toppers?!!

Definitely the campest thing since gesneden brood, they have sold out the massive Amsterdam Arena twenty-eight times since 2005 - and their sequin-clad tickets are many times over-subscribed every year. It is still our ambition to get to one of their spectacular shows one day, however. And it's not difficult to see why we desperately want to be there...

...all together, now!

De Toppers on Wikipedia

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

European Blues? Not likely!

Having a very slow day here at Dolores Delargo Towers, in the company of more impossibly glamorous people in beautiful clothing and in exotic climes - again...

Thank heavens for Soft Tempo Lounge, I say.

Music: Honey Moon by Rovi (aka Piero Umiliani)

Of course, we don't have "European Blues" at all - we're off to Amsterdam on Friday!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Walk in the sunshine of your heart

Darlings! We're back from Essex and the Hyde Hall RHS show - without a surfeit of new plants, I might add; how very restrained of us - and just in time to close proceedings on another Tacky Music Monday. (Joy of joys - without the prospect of work to cloud the usual Monday mood!)

What better to lead the way in our mission to provide the world with a little song-n-dance-sunshine than a new discovery - today's birthday celebrant [and recently, after all the rumours that apparently surrounded her for years, self-declared lady lesbian] Miss Lana Cantrell?

A complete mystery to those of us in the UK, Australian Lana nevertheless carved herself a career as a light entertainment TV stalwart and chanteuse in America in the 1960s, and latterly has become a top lawyer in Noo Yawk. Quite the career gal - and she knows how to work those dancers..!

Lena Cantrell (born 7th August 1943)

Saturday, 5 August 2017

That's the way...

We're off on our travels - only as far as Essex, admittedly; no passports needed - for the RHS Hyde Hall Flower Show with Baby Steve and Houseboy Alex. The weather looks like it will be fine and dry, and all's well with the world.

It would also have been the birthday today of that most amazing "triumph of art over nature", Mr Pete Burns of Dead or Alive - so let's have an appropriate send-off with their very first hit! Lord knows what KC made of this...

When you take me by the hand
Tell me I'm your loving man
When you give me all your love
And do it the very best you can

Mummy, I'm scared.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Party down

Wheee! It's not just a weekend - it's my last day on the office for two weeks!

We have my birthday visit to Amsterdam to look forward to next weekend, and this weekend we are escaping the athletics-dominated environs of London for the RHS flower show at Hyde Hall, staying with the boys in Essex...

Speaking of "athletic" - a tenuous link if ever there was one - to usher in the celebrations, here's Players Association (with the estimable assistance of Legs & Co) and Turn The Music Up - Thank Disco It's Friday!

Turn the music up
Turn the music up
Turn it up
Party down

We will - will you?

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Oh, the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal

Me and Hils at Gay Pride 2017

Happy birthday to my dear sister! [It hardly seems a year since we were all at her 50th birthday bash...]

Let's let fellow birthday boy Mr Tony Bennett take it from here:

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The lot of you!

Prince Philip has completed his last public engagement, locked the gates of Buckingham Palace and told crowds to ‘fuck off out of it’ for the last time.

The 96-year-old’s final engagement concluded outside the palace, after which the Queen’s consort glanced around at the assembled crowds and prepared to unleash his obscene finale.

Philip shuffled through the palace gates, locking them behind him and adding a new chain and lock purchased at his own expense from a nearby hardware store, before adding: “I don’t know what you think you’re all looking at.”

He then made a shooing motion and said “Go on, fuck off out of it, the lot of you” which sent cheers echoing down the Mall as gentlemen threw their bowler hats in the air and ladies waved their lace handkerchiefs.

The band of the Grenadier Guards then played a specially commissioned piece entitled I Hate Every Last Fucking One of You.

A Palace spokesman said: “The Duke of Edinburgh has retired from public life and requests Britain to leave him alone, especially those cheeky little bastards who keep kicking their ball against the wall and calling him a ‘nonce’.

“He hopes to now finally do something worthwhile.”
The Daily Mash

Of course.

The "real" story

Tuesday, 1 August 2017