Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The blue dress didn't stay on long

There was a glimmer of warmth today, immediately followed by showery black clouds - and now that the sun has set, the sky is as clear as crystal (meaning it is going to be bloody chilly!). Welcome to autumn, indeed.

Never mind, let our minds wander once again, courtesy of the ever-faboo Soft Tempo Lounge, to more exotic and glamorous places... Such as 1960s Italy, in the company of a woman who could not behave more like a gay man if she tried - a cruisy pick-up while "walking the dog" in the bushes of a park, a shag, a disco, lots of booze and more shagging. Oh, those Bohemians!

This is worth it for the decor alone...

[Featured: Music for night people by Artie Butler]


  1. What a tramp. Probably has "I take it up the Dirty Back Road" embroidered on her panties. Although I am totally digging the swing in the living room. So handy when you're given to picking up cute, cute, cute strangers.

    1. Slim ones, unless your ceiling is reinforced. Jx

  2. What a slut !
    Thanks for my my soft tempo fix though.

    1. You're welcome, dear - there's sooo much more where that came from :-)



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