Monday, 13 November 2017

Banana duro, Banana tieso

As the thermometers continue to drop here in London (it was bearable when we were stood by the Thames for Saturday's fireworks, but yesterday's winds were bitter), so we seek some solace in a bit of uber-camp Calypso-style nonsense from somewhere exotic to divert our attention away from the thick coats, fleeces and paraphernalia that could well be our lot for the next few months...

And, on this Tacky Music Monday, I have found just the thing to get another thrilling week in work off to such a start. Lord knows what to make of this one!

And, just in case you can't get enough of this fabulous number (and its filthy lyrics) - here is the official video, replete with semi-naked Hispanic youths in a swimming pool [thought that might get your attention!]:

Banana duro (banana)
Banana tieso (banana)
Banana perverso (banana)
Banana travieso (banana)
Banana chiquito (banana)
Banana sabroso (banana)

Have a fruity week, dear reader.


  1. My banana has suddenly ripened.

    1. "Tra la la tra la la la
      One banana two banana three banana four
      All bananas make a split so do many more"



  2. Ah, Calvin & Hobbes! It's been too long since I last read some of the strips.

    P.S. I did watch the official "Banana" video, but only to ensure those "semi-naked Hispanic youths" observed the rules of the pool and didn't come a cropper.


    1. Did you write down a list of - ahem - tasks they need to do in order to satisfy your - ahem - "rules"? Jx


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