Monday, 27 January 2014

Más bonita

Tacky Music Mondays are a long-serving tradition here at Dolores Delargo Towers, and inevitably (just to cheer us up) serve to showcase divas (or wannabees) with big hair/voices/shoes, perhaps some gender-bending, preposterous dance routines involving tight-trousered "safety gays", and loads of arm-waving, gesticulating and over-emoting.

Or - as we start our countdown to our much-needed holiday in Spain on Saturday - in the case of the late, great Spanish flamenco star Rocío Dúrcal, all of the above in one appearance!

This is a badly-cut clip from her movie Más bonita que ninguna, but the camp extravaganza starts around four minutes in...

Rocío Dúrcal on Wikipedia.


  1. That's my type of safety gays and she is/was fab.
    Love it - Spain here we come.

    1. Let's hope we can find a troup of "safety maricons" to accompany us in our - ahem - dance routines :-)



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