Saturday, 4 January 2014

Shoot it in the right direction

Timeslip moment again (our first for 2014)!

I am aware that is only a few short weeks since I featured the band, but as we enter a new year full of anniversaries (forty years since Abba changed the pop world with Waterloo; fifty years since the Harold Wilson government, the Beatles conquering America, Mary Poppins and the infamous "Mods vs Rockers" gang fights in Britain, and the births of Prince Edward, Nicholas Cage, Rob Lowe and Russell Crowe; and the centenaries of Dylan Thomas, Kenneth More, Joan Littlewood, Sir Alec Guinness, Larry Adler, Laurie Lee and the First World War to come) it is worth remembering that thirty years ago, 1984 was in many ways "The Year of Frankie Goes To Hollywood" - a band who spearheaded what was to be (in British pop music, anyway) a Very Gay Year Indeed.

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of Relax entering the UK charts (the BBC hadn't even banned it yet), and on that day our perspectives on music were never going to be quite the same again...

Frankie Goes To Hollywood official website


  1. They were terrific though Welcome To The Pleasure Dome could have been a single great album rather than a double imo. The four singles plus "War" were truly classic and sound just as good today. Not only very gay but quite political too weren't they? Holly is really sexy in the video's with charisma and then some.

    1. I do agree - if they hadn't had Trevor Horn really going over the top with their recordings (allegedly he used session musicians on some tracks because the band were not there to re-record them to his specifications!), I think they not only would have had a better debut, but probably a longer career. Jx

  2. Those are some scary queens.


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