Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nuestra Señora de las plumas

Our holiday in Spain creeps ever closer, and methinks it is about time in this countdown to revisit an old favourite of ours.

Senorita María Jiménez (for it is she) is a magnificently eccentric creature - as I related in a previous blog, her voice was likened to "Bob Dylan singing flamenco", and her outspoken attitudes and eccentric clothing meant she was always in the news in Spain.

Here she is as a young woman, working her tits off in what appears to be a promo for the Spanish tourist board - it's Se Acabo:

...and here she is again, a little older but utterly fabulous. It's our fave clip of hers, and I make no apologies for featuring it again - it's Con dos cama vacias:

She's apparently not been well lately, and we wish her a speedy recovery, so she can keep on entertaining us with such campness!

María Jiménez on Wikipedia

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    1. "Marica quien, marica tú, marica you, marica ha, ha!"



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