Friday, 18 April 2014

I believe in miracles

Convoluted connections #973 in a series...

It is Easter weekend - four whole days off work (yay!).

It's traditionally also the time of year for a celebration - of all things chocolate!

This gives me a perfect excuse to play another classic from the era of glitter, satin and flares from a highly appropriately named band.

Here's Hot Chocolate and You Sexy Thing. Thank Disco It's Friday!

You can most definitely tell where Errol Brown's keeping his Easter Egg in those trousers...

Have a fantabulosa break, sweeties!

The age-old traditions are the best

At this time every year since I began this blog, I have always showcased this enduring family favourite - and I see no reason to change that now... Featuring this time "The Thirteen Jesuses", it's Tiger Lillies and Banging in the Nails!

Bang, bang, bang, bang, indeed.

Happy Easter.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hands up, who still has a Walkman?

One in 10 young people has bought a music cassette tape in the last month, a new survey done to coincide with Record Store Day suggests.

The research suggests that physical formats are still more popular than digital downloads.

"There's definitely a novelty value with cassettes at the moment, particularly as we suspect a high proportion of them are collectibles sitting on a shelf and never played," said Maurice Fyles, who worked on the research ahead of Record Store Day.

Over half of the people who do this bought a vinyl record, 48% a CD and 23% an audio cassette tape that they have no intention of ever listening to.

"Perhaps it's a reaction to the digital world, but physical formats that we might have thought were relegated to history are being revived as fans and collectors opt for limited editions and promotional copies of their favourite music across a range of formats."
Read more on the BBC

And here's an appropriate song from the marvellous Avenue Q - it's Mix Tape:

By way of coincidence, Avenue Q - which we went to see back in 2007 - returns to London for a limited run next week at the Greenwich Theatre!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Another battleaxe is gone

"She swore like a trooper, smoked like a chimney... and didn't suffer fools".

That is an epitaph we can only hope to achieve.

RIP Edna Doré, stalwart of repertory theatre, film and TV for eight decades; the eternal "battleaxe".

Vocal ecstacy

Dusty Springfield.

Mel Tormé.

Two of the greatest voices, ever.

Happy Birthday, Dusty! She would have been 75 today.

RIP, both.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

It's today... interview (for a job in the new restructure at work).

Talk Talk - Talk Talk.


Monday, 14 April 2014

Marriage vs pub

Britons who prefer weekends without expensive social obligations have opposed gay and straight marriage.

The legalisation of same-sex marriage has left many without a single weekend that isn’t occupied by some friends’ costly and time-consuming matrimonial joining.

32-year-old Tom Logan said: “By the end of Friday I just want to dick around for a couple of days, maybe go to the pub, not dig my suit out and get on a train to Kent.

“I was struggling to cope with the volume of heterosexual weddings. Now all the gay people I know are suddenly getting married, it’s like a tsunami of inconvenience and cake consumption.”

He added: “I am happy for them, I suppose, but Jesus Christ I’ve not got a free Saturday until 2017.

“Can’t we just ban all weddings except for one Saturday a year, when they all happen simultaneously and you can just stay home and watch them on the internet?”

Stephen Malley is to marry his boyfriend next month: “We considered a modest civil partnership thing in the local registry office, then we thought fuck it, we’ve had to spend a fortune attending straight weddings over the years.

“So it’s going to be in Florida, I’m afraid.”
The Daily Mash.

Of course.