Monday, 2 June 2014

Are you ready, boots?

Oh, pook! Another gorgeous sunny weekend has melted away, and it's time to go to work again - when all I want is just to sit in the garden. In a nice hat.

Never mind, here's something brassy to cheer our spirits on this Tacky Music Monday - Miss Nancy Sinatra, her jolly go-go girls and These Boots Are Made for Walkin'!

Have a good week, my leetle chums...


  1. The weekend did fly buy way too quickly, and this Monday just doesn't feel like a say something hat day...

    I haven't seen that video in a long time - I'm off the fetch the album ( which I have never actually listened to) from my CD collection. I must admit that I actually prefer the Amanda Lear version of "These Boots..." but I have always loved Nancy's version as well. The album features "As Tears Go By", but I am pretty convinced that she can not do it any better than Marianne Faithfull. In any case, I'm off to put the album on...

    1. I never really rated Miss Sinatra's - ahem - talents, whereas Miss Lear could growl her way through the phonebook and it would be fantabulosa...


      PS Correct. It is definitely not a "say something hat" day. Rather a "throw something at your colleagues" day.

  2. The album was not bad at all - but I still prefer Miss Lear and her phonebook...


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