Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pois o samba est animado

One of the advantages of the World Cup (words I never thought I'd hear myself utter, being no fan of football, nor football fans, nor telly schedules interrupted by football) being hosted in Brazil is the fact that the sounds of Samba and Bossa Nova are everywhere, not least on the radio.

[Another good thing about the World Cup is that lots of fit young men like Jack Wilshere take their tops off.]

Only last night, I caught the first of a new series by jazz musician and DJ Gilles Peterson on BBC Radio 2 focusing on the many different types of music from across that vast country, and was reminded of this absolute classic (here with the added bonus of being graced with a purring introduction from our Patron Saint, Miss Eartha Kitt) - it's Sérgio Mendes and Brasil 66 with Mas Que Nada:

Now that should cheer us all up!

Gilles Peterson's Musica Brasileira


  1. I agree, at least the music somewhat makes these weeks bearable...

    1. I think I may well be posting more here over the next couple of weeks in a similar vein... Jx


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