Sunday, 1 June 2014

Blogging and Boone

As my esteemed other half Madam Arcati said in his recent blog: "Fab though it is to have a reader it really doesn't matter if no one looks at it or comments. The pleasure is in doing it and being able to look back."

And it is true. I have often tried to explain it to people who are (quite literally) obsessed with F***book and Tw*tter - why I am not on, and have no interest in being on, either of those "social networks", and why my only presence on the interweb is here on Blogger. Why, indeed, having the space and the luxury (if it can be called that) to meander however and whenever I like, write what I want to write about whatever I fancy, and generally suit myself, is far preferable to constantly feeling pressurised to "enter the conversation", to make myself heard, all the time. As they do.

Of course it can be disheartening when a lovingly-crafted blog (such as my recent review of Polari) can get a huge number of "hits" (124 so far on that one), and yet only one person - or in some cases no-one at all - makes a comment on it. But I suppose if I didn't enjoy writing it, I wouldn't have. And that is the point.

It's also rather a pleasing thing these days - in spite of Google's best efforts (with its pointless "G+" network) to "convert" us since it took this website over - to be able to retain some semblance of anonymity. People only know about me what I choose they will know. People here on Blogger generally use nom-de-plumes rather than their real names (not for any sinister purpose) - a trend among writers that long pre-dates the birth of the Web.

No matter what it is about it that fascinates and enthrals me, I keep going.

I write. I read. I discover. I just love blogging.

End of rant.

A young Mr Boone in pants

By way of complete contrast - and evidence (if any were needed) that I post what I like, however random - here's Pat Boone (who celebrates his 80th birthday today), and a track from his bizarre 1997 album In a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy (not that he ever was nice - in fact he's a homophobic god-botherer; just sayin') - it's Smoke On The Water...



  1. My I say, that I love your blog, and I agree with everything you've said her. I also like the picture of almost naked Pat Boone, and love the fact that it would kill him to know how much I'm enjoying it.

  2. And may I also apologize for the weird spelling and punctuation in that first sentence. Trying again:
    May I say that I love your blog, and I agree with everything you've said here. That's better.

    1. Thank you, my dearie!

      And yes - isn't it fun to make Mr Boone squirm? Jx

      PS Just visited your blog - it's Twink-a-licious!

  3. Great post!!!

    I agree with everything you said. I do my blog for myself, first and foremost. It is my place to put up things that I like, that I feel like should be highlighted, remembered or just laughed at. The blog seems to have found it's audience some years ago and judging by the traffic there are quite a lot of people visiting every day. Yet, only a couple bother to leave comments - although it seems that people feel the need to comment on absolutely everything and nothing on social sites. It makes me really appreciate the ones that do leave their thoughts every now and then though.

    It doesn't really bother me, since I am doing this mostly for little old me. Still, holding out a regularly updated blog while being in school and working is a lot of work and last year I was about to give up on the blog because I simply didn't have the time. But I wasn't ready to sacrifice my little Galaxy, so I did my best to keep it going.

    As for the whole social thing, I despise F***book as you know and would never be caught dead there - unless of course, someone decides (after my day) to open up a morbid "memorial" site... I have however recently discovered Tumblr, which I do actually like. To me it's a museum - you can put up loads of pictures, videos etc, it's very quick and good to work with. It is a nice addition to having a blog already, but I feel that the blog format is still the best. Like you said, ..."write what I want to write about whatever I fancy, and generally suit myself, is far preferable to constantly feeling pressurised to "enter the conversation", to make myself heard, all the time. As they do."

    I couldn't have said it better myself!

    Keep up the good work sweetie - I have loved your blog for years now and I have made quite a few discoveries on here that I'm very thankful for. In fact, this Saturday I was browsing through a box of 7" singles in a record store when I came across (and immediately bought, after screaming like a school girl) a copy of "Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes" by Claudja Barry. I discovered that song because of your blog, a couple of years back.
    Blogs should be first and foremost about you and what you feel like sharing. When other people start to enjoy it and even discover new things or ways of thinking, that certainly is an added bonus. To me, your blog does both – which is why it has been my favourite blog for years, and will certainly remain so. Keep up the good work – as always, I’ll be here watching…

    (wow, that was a loooooong comment)

    1. A long comment, but very welcome. It is always good to know that out there in the "blogosphere" is another person with such similar interests and opinions as my own - never to be found on FB!

      (And I would love to have been there to witness your "schoolgirl squeals" at finding Miss Barry's single...)

      We will both keep at it, dear - this blogging lark is such an enjoyable pastime!



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