Sunday, 10 November 2013

Pop potpurri

Time for another round-up of some of the newer music that has caught my ear lately...

Let's get this one out of the way first. Our favourite Spice Girl, Miss Geri Halliwell has made a rather half-hearted attempt at a comeback with her new self-penned single Half of Me. Not likely to put a dent anywhere near the charts, methinks. Bless 'er!

A far more classy musical comeback has been in our hearts, minds and ears all year - that of David Bowie! Here's his latest, Love is Lost -with a new "Hello Steve Reich Mix" by James Murphy that pays glowing tribute to the classic Ashes to Ashes...

A word from our sponsor... Here's a trailer for the new album Quickslver from our friend, the "macabre" Mr Marcus Reeves (whose launch show I hope to get to see at the Lost Theatre in Wandsworth on 22nd November)...

Guitar-based American "alternative" rock bands are not normally my first choice in music, but the band calling itself The Neighbourhood has a rather good choon out (and video - watch out for a flash of the lead singer's own "neighbourhood"!) - it's the hypnotic Afraid:

Another welcome return - the lovely Mr Boy George, who asks "What's the word on the street? Have I lost my crown, or will I be king again?". Judging by the excellence of his latest single King of Everything, he has little to worry about apart from dodgy facial hair:

Something very new, now. Dropkick is the musical project of Give 'em the old Razzle Dazzle regular Cusp, obviously a great talent in the waiting. Here's the remarkably Scissor-Sisters-esque Trapdoor - it's rather fab, actually!

While still recovering from the rumbustuous cabaret provided by Miss Eve Ferret last Monday (and we're going to see her again tomorrow!), I looked up her erstwhile partner-in-crime from the New Romantic era at Steve Strange's "Blitz" club Mr James "Biddie" Biddlecombe, and came across this hilarious clip - I've Never Been In Boyz. I just had to share...

And finally, we may be a little late for Hallowe'en, but here is the latest ever-fabulous underwear advertising campaign from Andrew Christian. These boys can Suck...

As ever, enjoy! (And let me know what you think...)


  1. Well thank you kindly young Sir :) Scissor Sisters-esque eh ! What a compliment ! Mwah ! x

  2. I just finished putting up my own post of tracks when I saw this - excellent. Let's get cracking:

    Oh dear, oh dear. Geri has never been a favorite of mine (I HATED the Spice Girls with passion) and their solo careers have not been much better (Emma's so bad it hurts cover of "Life In Mono" comes to mind, as does the dreadful Geri remake of "It's Raining Men"). This latest efforrt by Geri has bombed, of course. She is currently trying to re-launch her career by being a judge on some shit talent show in Australia (why they hired her is beyond me). The single sold less then 400 copies! That said, I still think this song is far from her worst effort.

    I absolutely adore The Neigbourhood (need to buy their album). I especially like "Afraid" - the video is excellent and the singer kindly reveals all just to add to everyone's enjoyment. Shame about all the tattoos, he's otherwise rather cute. Another album I need to get is the Boy George one, I really like this song and I have always been a fan. The album made the UK Top 40 which is rather great, considering lack of promotion.

    The Dropkick song is not bad but the less said about the Biddie thing, the better. The Andrew Christian thing was not bad, but not something I would listen to again (besides, I don't think the audio was the main attraction on that one) ;)

    So, besides The Neighbourhood and Boy George, my absolute fave of the bunch is Mr Bowie with a really great song/remix. Thrilled to see some of the old-timers still going strong!

    Thanks for yet another fun selection - as always, I look forward to the next entry!

    1. I really only added Geri's song out of devilment, and yes it certainly is abysmal - which is a shame 'cos we used to love her.

      Glad you enjoyed the post, though! Jx


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