Friday, 1 November 2013

You can go sweet talk to the wind

It's almost over (bar the shouting)...

Another weekend beckons, and it's time to glitter and sparkle!

Who better to provide the inspiration for our party outfits but those mistresses of sequins and big wigs, the fantabulosa Three Degrees? Here's their classic (and one of our faves here at Dolores Delargo Towers), from this week in 1978 - thirty-five years ago - it's Giving Up Giving In:

Thank Disco It's Friday! Have a good one...

Three Degrees official website


  1. I love this version, but I still think my favorite is the Sheena Easton cover...

    Have a wonderful weekend - I'm going to have a really great one (a much needed weekend getaway).

    1. Sheena Easton? Oh. My. Word.

      What a horrible thought.


  2. Her album of disco covers, "Fabulous" is actually quite good! That said, it's the only album of hers I have ever heard (or owned).


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