Monday, 25 November 2013

Shake your music makers!

It's Monday morning - after a week off for study and an exam on Friday, it is a bit of a jolt, to say the least, getting up to head back to the soulless office.

Still, it is a Tacky Music Monday, and in honour of the 74th birthday this week of Annie May Bullock aka our Patron Saint Miss Tina Turner - and of course, in honour of the fact that another Patron Saint Cher is still going strong - here are the two unstoppable ladies together, and Makin' Music (Is My Business)!

How about that for a wake-up?


  1. Love seeing these two together! A bit scary though that Tina is turning 74...

    1. Remarkably, the same age as Kate O'Mara, Jon Voight, Neil Sedaka, Lily Tomlin, Serena (Sir Ian) McKellen and John Cleese! Jx

  2. they both must have traded their souls to the devil to still look so good.


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