Monday, 18 November 2013

Home of the Stars

It has turned quite wintry, cold and damp out there. I am sheltering from it, trying to get my head around studying for an exam on Friday.

To lift the spirits this Tacky Music Monday, let us escape the gloom and visit the ever-classy Hollywood Palace, here featuring the fab combination of Dyan Cannon, Lola Falana, Jo Anne Worley and Lulu with Anthony Newley on What A Man (with a bonus word from our sponsor featuring today's birthday girl Brenda Vaccaro, to boot!).

How much more camp do you want it?

Have a good week, folks!


  1. I still have two exams left before I finish school this year. The first one is two weeks away and I just can't get my mind on it (it's bloody history for crying out loud - and not the good, music/diva/gay/movies kind!). Good luck with your studies and on your exam.

    1. Mine's even more boring. It's to do with work, FFS,

      Hey ho, EuroMillions tomorrow.



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