Friday, 22 November 2013

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good

We're almost there... I have my final exam of this blasted vocational qualification this morning, but after that - it is officially the weekend. Yay!

To celebrate, let's get our clapping gear in order, attempt to groom our facial hair in perfect mid-70s-mid-European-stylee, and bop along with Mr Leroy Gomez aka Santa Esmeralda and the eternally cheesy classic Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. Thank Disco It's Friday!

Have a great weekend, whatever you do, dear reader!


  1. You just KNOW I adore this - I have been playing the very long full length version a lot lately from the original LP. Disco flamingo - even the singer is cute, so what's not to love?

    Hope you did great on your test and that you will have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Unfortunately there was not a single question about cheesy disco classics rom the mid-70s, but hey ho - these people just don't understand camp! I didn't actually fall asleep during the exam, so that's a good sign... Jx


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